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Peruvian Wonder of the World

Peruvian Wonder of the World

Seasoned travellers yearning to explore new horizons were truly grateful for our suggestion to visit Peru where they could experience life at a 2000m altitude, find out what does a shaman do with a coca tea and see one of the still remaining magnificent wonders of the world.


A trip that is different from everything else that they have experienced before but definitely has a challenging as well as a cultural and historical element in it.


Three couples interested in world cultures, history and nature started their two week journey with a three day adaptation period in Urubamba Valley where they arrived right after landing in the Inca capital – Cusco.

When reading up on Peruvian culture, the couples discovered that the ancient Inca ornaments are very similar to those in the old Latvian traditions. To find out whether it is true, the travellers decided to visit an old Peruvian weaving school. They brought with themselves the traditional Latvian belt of Lielvarde which they then presented to the school’s mistress. She was truly delighted to receive such an original present and wanted to thank Latvians by giving an authentic Peruvian gift in return – traditional mittens with woven Inca ornaments.

Later the travellers had an opportunity to pay a visit to one of the wealthiest landlords in Peru who showed them his private Inca relic collection. But what’s even more exciting – they happened to witness an extraordinary horse ballet performed by the majestic Peruvian horses!

After the adaptation period all three couples continued their journey to see one of the remaining wonders of the world - Machu Picchu. To reach it they had to hike for two full days and a night but the absolutely gorgeous views along the way were definitely worth it. The travellers were accompanied by a local shaman who introduced the couples to the local plants and prepared a Peruvian energy drink – coca tea. Throughout the journey the hikers were also assisted by a few guides who carried the bags with all the necessary supplies.

To be one of the first visitors to see the sun rise over Machu Picchu, the travellers spent a night in the only hotel next to the Machu Picchu gates. The next morning the shaman together with the Latvian adventurers performed a sunrise ritual.

After the couples had explored the ancient Inca fortress, they took the majestic Hiram Bingham train to Cusco where they treated themselves to local Peruvian food such as Guinea pigs. The chefs prepared an outstanding meal once more proving that the Peruvian chefs are called the rising stars of the modern cuisine for a very good reason.

Following Cusco, the couples flew to the Lake Titicaca where one can easily touch the clouds because of the lake’s unusual location - at 3800m altitude. While sailing across Titicaca, the travellers had the chance to have a closer look at the floating Uros islands and stop for a moment at the ancient Takile Island where knitting is considered to be an exclusively male occupation.


This was definitely more than just a trip. We will definitely go back because we want to see the condors, Nazca Lines and so much more! With this trip we opened up a whole new world for ourselves and now we know that there is so much more to be experienced and explored in this exotic continent!