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Portugal Inside Out

Portugal Inside Out

Two young couples came to us with a wish to explore Portugal from all its angles. Our offer was a 10 day cocktail of Portuguese culture, history, wildlife, traditions, cuisine and fun nightlife.


Get to know Portugal as thoroughly as possible in 10 days’ time


Four young people started their tour across Portugal on a lovely day in May. They spent their first three days exploring Lisbon, its greatest tourism attractions and fun nightlife and were truly overwhelmed by this charming city. On the fourth day they rented a car and drove towards the Atlantic Ocean coast stopping by the beautiful ancient city of Sintra.

The two couples reached the farthest point in Europe and later had a marvellous lunch in a local restaurant that served freshly caught seafood and the famous Portuguese soup Caldo Verde.

Driving South along the picturesque coast, the travellers spent two nights at a local B&B where breakfast and dinner was prepared by the landlady who cooked for her family and a small group of international guests. This was a truly authentic experience as the four young people were able to learn more about Portuguese local traditions and cuisine. What’s more, the lovely meals were always accompanied by interesting discussions as the guests from all around the world shared their views and observations on what they have experienced so far.   

Finally they reached the Southern tip of Portugal - the stunning Algarve coast. There they spent the following four days staying with a local family that introduced the four young people to the most popular Portuguese wines, food and traditions. After these four fantastic days the two couples returned to Lisbon and flew back home to Riga.


Portugal is beautiful, friendly and absolutely stunning! Next time we want to go to Madeira which we have heard is very similar to Portugal.