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Discover India with Ayurveda

Discover India with Ayurveda

An Ayurvedic course is a great get away for people who crave some peace and quiet. And why not combine it with a broader exploration of Incredible India that will open the door to a completely new and different world?


A wish to get away, relax, catch a bit of sun and try out the world famous Ayurveda



Two business ladies came to us saying that they would like to try out Ayurveda. Before planning the trip, we explained to the ladies the essentials of this ancient Indian medicine. In their case we suggested a 7 day course as they had never tried Ayurveda before and pointed out that swimming and sunbathing is not recommended during this course.


The trip started with a friendly greeting at the local Indian airport where a chauffeur was already waiting for the ladies to arrive. He took them to their Ayurvedic hotel which was located in Kerala - a Southern Indian state which is often called the cradle of Ayurveda.


The next morning started with a visit to the local Ayurveda doctor who used the traditional pulse method to determine the ladies’ health condition. After a thorough check up, the doctor prescribed individual massage courses and diets forbidding any alcohol, smoking or coffee.


The following 7 days the ladies observed a strict daily schedule which started with an optional yoga session in the morning, three meals in accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions, 2 different massages using essential Ayurvedic oils and lots of free time during which they read, went for walks and played board games with other guests of the hotel. At the end of this week the ladies admitted that they had never felt so relaxed and healthy as after this Ayurveda course which brings the mind and the body back in balance.


To diversify their trip to India, we arranged a short six day tour across India right after their Ayurveda programme. First, the ladies visited the Periyar Tiger Reserve and stayed in a cozy hotel surrounded by its own coffee plantation. The next morning they finally had the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee that had been prohibited during the Ayurvedic course. After their breakfast, the hotel owner took them to an interesting spice plantation where local Indians grow coriander, green pepper, cloves and rubber. In addition, they visited the historical town of Fort Kochi with an impressive spice market and went for a ride in one of the famous Indian houseboats that are located in the Kerala Backwaters.

Just before heading back home, the ladies spent an exciting day in Bombay where they experienced the hustle and bustle of this booming metropolis. While there, they purchased some trendy outfits designed by the rising Indian fashion stars and enjoyed an exquisite meal at the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.